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Another girl, another planet

...what a fucking shambles

23 January 1987
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Who am i? Now theres a question! and when i know the answer i shall let you know. I'm just a 19 year old manchester girl lost in thoughts and music. Soon to be a nurse/midwife/bum university student/utter waste of space. My life is a constant struggle of working, drinking vodka red bulls in seedy manchester dance and indie rock clubs, hangovers, gigs, fried egg sandwiches, relationships, crazy trips to Europe, insomnia and giraffes.

24hour party people, 5th avenue/42nd street, adam green, alan carr, alanis morrisette, alcohol, amanda palmer, amsterdam, anything yellow, arcade fire, arctic monkeys, athletics, babyshambles, band of horses, basement jaxx, belinda jones, belle and sebastian, beulah, black rebel motorcycle club, bloc party, bright eyes, buzzcocks, cat power, chicane, coffee, coheed and cambria, counting crows, creedance clearwater revival, dawsons creek, dead kennedys, death cab for cutie, dirty pretty things, divas las vegas, duckula, easyworld, editors, elastica, elliot smith, eye liner, faithless, fallout boy, feeder, fight club, foo fighters, fried egg sandwiches, friends, garbage, garden state, gigs, giraffes, goldfrapp, graham coxon, green day, guitars, hard fi, harry potter, heath ledger, hope of the states, horror films, hot hot heat, indieboylove, insomnia, interpol, isobel campbell, jack johnson, jamie cullum, jimmy carr, joni mitchell, josh jackson, joy division, judge jules, kaiser chiefs, keane, kevin ayers, kimya dawson, kings of leon, kt tunstall, lcd soundsystem, lee evans, lemon jelly, lemonheads, liverpool fc, manchester, mark lanegan, ministry of sound, modest mouse, mogwai, moldy peaches, mr scruff, my chemical romance, new order, nirvana, no angels, noel fielding, oasis, ok go, peep show, pixies, placebo, prodigy, qotsa, queen adreena, r.h.c.p., radiohead, razorlight, remy zero, richard ashcroft, scrubs, seafood, secret machines, she-ra and he-man, sheffield, shiny things, shout out louds, sigur ros, sleeping, sneaker pimps, stars, stephen king, supergrass, supernoodles and cheese, the chemical brothers, the clash, the coral, the cure, the departure, the dresden dolls, the goonies, the killers, the kills, the kooks, the libertines, the magic numbers, the music, the raconteurs, the rakes, the ramones, the shins, the smiths/morrissey, the stills, the streets, the strokes, the subways, the sweetest thing, the tears, the used, thundercats, vodka red bulls, we are scientists, yeah yeah yeahs